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Oct 19 2009

Pink by Lili Wilkinson

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Allen and Unwin, 2009.
(Age range: 14+) Recommended. Pink is a colour so often associated with femininity and girls and so aptly used as the title for this novel which deals with peer group and personal identity.
Ava is trying to discover who she really is and where she truly fits in. As she begins a new school year having transferred to Billy Hughes private school she finds herself in with the ultra cool Alexis and her friends and also by default in with the misfit stage crew which is preparing props for the school production. As Ava experiences the huge diversity of the two groups she also finds her friendship with Chloe, her best friend from her previous school, challenged by the new surroundings and her continual uneasiness with who she is and what she is becoming. Through her actions Ava alienates the people who really matter most to her and it is only through another's actions she sees the bigger picture more clearly.
Lili Wilkinson is a talented author who seems to have an innate ability of tapping into the teenage mind and writing to suit their needs and likes.
Tracy Glover

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