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Jul 21 2017

Glitterwing's Book Week blunder by Sally Sutton

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Miniwings book 1. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781775434238
(Age: 6-10) This book will appeal to many young readers - flying miniature horses (including a unicorn), glitter, sparkles and hijinks. What more could you ask for! This is the first book in a series about a set of toy ponies who come alive when there are no adults watching. They belong to sisters Clara and Sophia.
These toys or Miniwings are described in full at the beginning of the book. They all have different appearances and personalities. They tend to create havoc whenever they appear and the girls always seem to suffer the repercussions.
In this book, Clara and Sophia have been tardy preparing for Book Week and have only days to make a costume for the Book Week parade. Their preparations become more difficult when the naughty Miniwings become involved.
The girls also meet their favourite author Suzie Gamble, author of the Horse Girl series. Clara and Sophia make an interesting observation, that Suzie is not as glamorous as she is portrayed by her publishers, but is just as fascinating as her stories. It is Suzie Gamble that provides the final inspiration for their costume.
The special language the Miniwings use is explained in a dictionary at the end of the book.
Sally Sutton, an award winning New Zealand author, is well known for her picture book Roadworks and she plans to write 6 books in this series, each highlighting a particular toy. Book number 2 is called Whizz's Internet Oopsie.
Kirsten Richards, the illustrator has had fun with the drawings. The cover is sparkly, intensely coloured and features Glitterwings, a pink flying horse. Every page has coloured illustrations that highlight the funny happenings in the story.
This book will appeal students who have enjoyed books such as The Ella Diaries or any young horse loving fans. Suitable for 6 to 10 year olds.
Jane Moore

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