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Jul 20 2017

Whizz's Internet oopsie by Sally Sutton

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Ill. by Kirsten Richards. Miniwings series. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781775434245
(Age: 6-8) Themes: Horses, Sisters, Internet, Problem Solving. Young Sophia and her sister Clara receive a special magical gift from their Nana, six colourful, little winged horses. At first, the girls think they are just cute plastic toys; however, they are naughty, talking flying creatures who love to cause trouble! Sophia's introductory letter to the readers and the gorgeous colourful paintings and description of these cute creatures begin this easy to read young novel.
When Clara and Sophie express their desire to shop online, their mother quickly responds with a firm response, 'dream on,' she says! However, while the young girls prepare for the new school term, the Miniwings take matters into their own hooves! Oceania suggests she will splash in the bathtub and Moonlight wants to make a 'scrumbly' chocolate cake when the sisters go to school. Clara and Sophie's decision to leave their computer on for the Miniwings' entertainment leads to interesting consequences. Parcels and packages begin to arrive at the house, first there's a foot spa, ordered by water-loving Oceania. The next surprise to arrive is a cordless drill perfect for Comet to decorate the bedroom walls with stars and a moon. Claire and Sophia come up with some very creative responses to their parent's questions.
The nanny goat's disastrous visit to school where she poops, eats the class rules and butts holes in the wall is comical. Luckily, for the girls their quick-thinking Nana arrives to help with their problems.
Kirsten Richards' whimsical creatures, fun cartoon characters, quirky pastel paint and ink drawings fly, swirl and frame Sally Sutton's entertaining story told from Sophie's point of view. Whizz's Internet Oopsie is a fun and fanciful story, just right for young girls who love horses.
Rhyllis Bignell

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