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Jul 19 2017

Nanette's baguette by Mo Willems

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Walker Books, 2016. ISBN 9781406376210
(Age: 2 - 6) Recommended. Picture Book. It's all in the rhyme! Just exactly how many words can one get to rhyme with baguette?? You will quickly find out on reading Mo Willems' latest picture book.
Cleverly illustrated with photographs of his own purpose made paper and cardboard constructions, Nanette, the little French frog is sent to the bakery by her mother on a quest for a baguette; indeed, to 'get the baguette'. She can't resist the wonderful smell, however, and wonders how on earth she will give her mother the bad news on arriving home. The delightful ending will put a smile on the dial of every small reader; just no one can resist the smell of warm baguette.
This is definitely a book to be read aloud, the whole fun of it being in the rhyme. Whilst the plot is one all young children will relate to, it isn't particularly deep and meaningful; just crazy fun. My three year old granddaughter likes a little more of a plot than this book developed but nevertheless enjoyed thinking about how many words could be rhymed with baguette very much warmed to the thought of eating one.
Elizabeth Avery

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