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Jul 12 2017

Georgina: Holocaust memoirs by Gabriella Kovac

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Recommended for those who enjoy 20th Century history. Themes: Jewish History; Migrants; Hungary - 20th Century; War history. Family memoirs are not always interesting for people outside the family circle, but this is an intriguing and fascinating account of the family and social history of a Hungarian family who demonstrated the most amazing resilience and survival through torrid periods of European history. Gabriella Kovac relates the circumstances for her Jewish forbears through periods of great torment, but also reveals that their survival was partly related to luck, but also their incredible bravery and forthright approach to all difficulties. An incredible amount of fortunate coincidences enabled them to use their natural talents for business to be successful when many around them faced death. Georgina, the mother of the author, personified confidence in the face of the horrors of war and Jewish opposition, and her ability to turn even the most dreadful of situations to her advantage almost seem unbelievable, yet this is the story of a survivor whose incredible personality seemed to create opportunities where others would have floundered. For students of war history with an interest in the Holocaust experiences of Jewish individuals or an interest in Hungarian society during the first half of the Twentieth Century, this book is a snapshot through the lens of one family. The circumstances of those who migrated to Australia are thought-provoking for anyone who is interested in this part of our own history.
Carolyn Hull

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