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Jul 11 2017

Look out, Pink Piglet by Phil Cummings

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Ill. by Sarah Davis.Lothian Children's Books, 2017. ISBN 9780734417305
(Age: 3+) Recommended. Pigs. Farm animals. Fear. Overcoming fear. Bravery. Pink Piglet loves to explore his farmyard, climbing the hills, nudging some of the smaller animals, discovering new things, but one day he hears the loudest of screeches. All the animals are frightened and make a range of startled noises. Readers will love joining the animals with their own frightened noises. They all look to Pink Piglet offering suggestions about the noise and where it comes from. Big, hairy and scary they pronounce, telling Pink Piglet that because he is brave he should go to the farmhouse to find out what is making such a noise. Piglet sets off, but when he reaches the farmhouse door the noise scares him so much that he drops to the ground like a frightened rabbit. Fingers like worms come out towards him, and he is relieved to see that it is something just like him: small, pink and soft.
The soft-edged illustrations by Davis are a wonderful accompaniment to Phil's deceptively simple words. Both author and illustrator have given us a book that will make an excellent read aloud, with words full of rhythm and repetition, begging to be read again, and the illustrations providing humour and a touch of whimsy. A wonderful tale to read about bravery and how fear can be overcome. It invites younger readers to talk about their fears and developing strategies to meet their fears, in a safe environment.
This book is a companion to Be brave, Pink Piglet (2015) by Phil Cummings and Sarah Davis, which tells of pink Piglet's bravery in leaving the security of mum for the first time.
Fran Knight

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