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Jul 10 2017

Wipeout by Michael Adams

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The Seven Signs series book 3. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781743628034
(Age: 12+) Recommended. Themes: Competition; Survival; Conspiracy; Adventure; Thriller; Heroism. The seven DARE winners from the seven continents are pitted against the mastermind 'Signmaker' who is sending them on the run with seven signs (or clues) and headlong into conflict. Their role is to prevent major catastrophe, but at each turn they seem to be thwarted and constantly run into brick walls and red herrings. Who is manipulating this contest and leading them into danger and why? Trust is compromised, people's lives are at risk and their ability to stay one step ahead is severely challenged. The very heart of democracy is a threat. What can these seven young people do to protect something so fundamental?
Adams has written another exciting and action-filled episode in this series. This is definitely not a series where you can stop at one book! Young readers will be compelled to keep reading, and there is action and danger on every page, combined with futuristic explorations of technological advancements that create a degree of high-tech skulduggery and intrigue
Carolyn Hull

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