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Jul 03 2017

Marsh and me by Martine Murray

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Text, 2017. ISBN 9781925498011
(Age: 9+) Tolerance. Diversity. Acceptance. Joey is a shy, sensitive boy who longs to be good at something. He just wants to stand out - maybe as a famous astronaut or a mountain climber. At the back of Joey's house is a hill where a rubbish dump used to be. This is his sacred place where he goes to escape from the dramas of everyday life.
One day he discovers a tree house in an old peppercorn tree on his hill. Now someone has invaded his hill. This is his private domain. Who could it be? How will Joey be able to meet her? He decides to lie in wait.
The tree house girl, Marsh, is wild and hostile and does not appreciate Joey invading her new-found haven. Joey tries desperately to get to know Marsh but he has no luck. He knows that Marsh is hiding something from him but he can not figure it out. One day Joey decides to follow her home and try to discover some things about Marsh for himself.
Marsh and Me follows the path of a developing friendship between two people that just want to be 'normal' and accepted. Both have their own quirks but begin to appreciate themselves for who they are. The characters begin to realise their self-doubts are unfounded and start to have insights into each other's lives. A heart-warming story that would fit into themes such as tolerance, diversity and acceptance. The print is relatively large and would suit children from 9 years old and up. Teacher's notes are available on the publisher's website.
Kathryn Schumacher

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