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Jun 27 2017

Zombie family reunion by Zack Zombie

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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie series. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781743818336
(Age: 7+) What is next for Zombie? He's on his summer scare-cation, just back from camp and all he wants to do now is stay home, eat cake and play video games. Unfortunately, it is the time for the Zombie Family Reunion held every one hundred years. Just for fun, he invites his human friend Steve who needs a disgusting makeover to fit in with the zombie way of life. Steve pretends to be Zven an exchange student from Zveden. Accompanying them on this train trip to Grand Zombie Canyon is their smelly cousin Piggy. This rail adventure takes them across familiar Minecraft landscapes.
When they wake up early Monday morning from a night sleeping in their body bags, little brother Wesley has pulled the pin and detached their carriage from the rest of the train. Zombies need to hide from the sun, so they shelter in a cave. Along the way, they are kidnapped, land in jail and learn to rely on each other. Familiar places from the Minecraft game are included as screen shots: there is the Mesa Biome, the Desert Temple and the Steep Cavern. Little Wesley finally comes to the rescue during a cave-in and with the help of Mutant and some family members, Zombie, Steve and Piggy are saved.
Zombie family reunion is another humorous junior novel, just right for Minecraft fans that enjoy reading about their favourite characters and their zany lives.
Rhyllis Bignell

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