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Jun 23 2017

Never a true word by Michael McGuire

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Wakefield Press, 2017. ISBN 9781743054734
(Age: Adult) Recommended for Adults only (and only for those with political interest) Themes: Politics; Elections; Public relations. This is a thinly veiled expose of the political process - McGuire lifts the tent flaps and reveals the soiled undergarments of the political circus through the eyes of the spin doctor or ringmaster employed to keep control of the information flow to the waiting media. This is a fast paced and satirically humourous journey into the murky depths of politics and the back-room faceless few. The somewhat grimy revelations and language of those involved are far from pristine, and we feel the tension of the ringmasters employed to hold back the 'performing lions and tigers' who perform with teeth bared in order to be re-elected for another four years.
Although I would not encourage a young voter to lose their trust in democracy by reading this book, anyone who has had to wield a pencil in a cold hall more than a few times and whose eyes are open to the subterfuge of politics and media reporting will probably enjoy the 'naughty' truths that are revealed. The well-described politicians and media identities are close approximations of people we have seen or heard, and part of the entertainment of this book is identifying those who might have inspired the characterisation. Truths and lies are revealed; raw power and personality faults are revealed in all their gory glory . . . And our eyes are agog!
Carolyn Hull

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