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May 25 2017

School daze by Zack Zombie

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Diary of a Minecraft Zombie: Book 5. Scholastic, 2017. ISBN 9781743818312
(Age: 7+) Set in the intriguing location of Scare School and containing characters well known by all those enthralled with the game Minecraft; School daze follows the story of Zack Zombie and his aim of getting out of going on camp for the summer.
Zack tries every trick in the book to fail classes, hand in ridiculous science projects and present crazy history speeches - all in an attempt to make his parents so mad they cancel summer camp! But life for this Minecraft zombie is just not going to plan.
Written in a daily diary style, children will find this book easy to read and are sure to laugh at the funny banter recorded in Zack's diary and the classic occurrences that even us mere humans will relate to - such as school photo day and enlisting the help of your best friend (Steve Human) to help you really stuff up your Scare School work.
The book easily draws you into the life of Zack, and finishes off with lots of questions about the outcome of Zack's antics.
Readers will certainly be eager to start Book 6 in this series. It is felt that this would be a wonderful series to present to children who are either struggling or not interested in reading, but are interested in this game.
This unofficial Minecraft book would suit readers from ages 7 and up, or parents of younger children who just cannot get enough of the ever growing phenomenon - Minecraft!
Lauren Fountain

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