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May 19 2017

The world of dinosaur roar. A series created by Peter Curtis with rhyming text by Jeanne Willis

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Macmillan Children's Books, 2017.
Dinosaur roar! : The Tyrannosaurus rex. ISBN 9781509835669
Dinosaur Boo! : The Deinonychus. ISBN 9781509834952
Dinosaur Munch! : The Diplodocus. ISBN 9781509835652
Dinosaur stomp! : The Triceratops. ISBN: 9781509835690
Ages: 1 - 6) Recommended. Board Book. Written in association with the Natural History Museum, this series of four rhyming texts introduces the very youngest of children to the world of dinosaurs; each character being endowed with a delightfully cheeky personality. The dinosaurs depict behaviour typical of what we have come to expect of each species. Vegetarian Diplodocus incessantly munches leaves whilst Tyrannosaurus Rex threatens the others more aggressively as we might expect of the carnivore.
The fabulous rhyming text is great fun for the adult reader too but be warned - for best results refresh your dinosaur vocabulary and pronunciation before you begin reading with your little one! The different dinosaurs from the series 'support' the main character of each individual narrative with their slapstick but just scary enough antics. The final pages of each story provide some basic facts about the dinosaur focussed on in that text. This is a very fine series for stimulating the imagination particularly of the child with a fascination for dinosaurs. I certainly would have jumped at a series like this for my eldest son who had to be restrained on a daily basis, from boring his Year 1 class to death on this subject quite a few years ago now.
Elizabeth Avery

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