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May 09 2017

Wombat warriors by Samantha Wheeler

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UQP, 2017. ISBN 9780702259586
(Age: 8-12) Highly recommended. Conservation. Wombats. Confidence. Mouse (real name, Minnie) is a young girl who needs to stay with her Aunt Evie for an extended period in rural South Australia while her parents are overseas. Mouse reflects her name in that she is shy and lacking confidence and the thought of going to a new school fills her with fear. Anxieties are set aside when Mouse discovers that Aunt Evie shares her house with a rather affectionate Wombat and a curious duck. Living in a rural environment, Mouse soon discovers that local farmers do not share her enthusiasm for the friendly wombats. A new friend who also shares her passion for wombats and a school project that gives her a reason to explore ways that wombats can co-exist with their human neighbours creates the 'Wombat Warriors'. Even in the face of opposition, Mouse's concern for the safety of her friend and for the threatened wombats gives her reason to speak out and make a difference.
There is enough adventure and emotional growth in this story to make it interesting on a number of levels, and will appeal to animal lovers and those concerned about environmental issues as well.
Carolyn Hull

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