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Oct 01 2009

Malcolm and Juliet by Bernard Beckett

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Text Publishing, 2009. ISBN 9781921520327
(Age range: 14+) Recommended. Malcolm and Juliet is an enjoyable novel dealing with teenage issues in a comical way. Malcolm is a science geek who last year was the runner up in the annual science fair this year he is more determined than ever to win. When Malcolm inadvertently stumbles across a piece of video footage whilst taping the annual rugby game he decides his project topic will be sex!
Juliet is Malcolm's best friend and usual 'partner in crime'; however she has her own problems in the form of an anonymous letter threatening to 'out her' for a past indiscretion. As these two central characters endeavour to solve their respective problems the topic of sex begins to involve teenagers they encounter. Kevin, who is in love with Brian, Brian who loves Juliet and Charlotte who desires Malcolm from afar. Eventually through Malcolm's project and a series of coincidental events all the characters are forced to face their true feelings.
Although this is a compact story Beckett has managed to capture the concerns and life experiences of teenagers in a light hearted way. The twist at the end is worth reading the book for.
Tracy Glover

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