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Apr 20 2017

Buchanan Bandits by Marcus Emerson

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Ill. by David Lee. Diary of a 6th grade ninja bk 6. Allen & Unwin, 2017. ISBN 9781760295608
(Age: 9-11) Buchanan Bandits is the sixth humorous novel focussing on Chase Cooper and his secret band of school ninjas. Each novel explores a week in his wild school life with his helpful cousin Zoe, crazy friends, underground societies, secret plots and bullies to stop. There is always something happening, drama, mayhem, ninja problems and embarrassing situations follow Chase everywhere. Student President Sebastian and Wyatt, Chase's enemy, are involved in another nefarious plot. With all the 6th grade students involved in Careers' Week activities each afternoon in the cafeteria, what could go wrong?
The Buchanan Bandit is secretly stealing all the chewing gum at school and Wyatt wants Chase to help him uncover the thief. Of course, by Tuesday, all the gum appears in Chase's locker and he is caught in a difficult situation. This junior novel is layered with subplots, twists and turns, and Chase needs to gather clues, uncover the thief's identity and work out why Sebastian's is selling colourful sweet-smelling erasers as a moneymaking venture. There is a creepy clown mentor and a showdown in the library, where Chase just avoids the wolf pack's clutches and uncovers another bully.
Rhyllis Bignell

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