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Apr 05 2017

The red book by Beck and Matt Stanton

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ABC Books, 2017. ISBN 9780733334856
(Age: 5-6) Recommended. 'For the grown-ups: Okay, Batwig. We have a challenge for you. It's your job to convince the nearest kid that everything in this book is actually red. And we mean everything. It will not be easy! They'll try to persuade you that things are not as red as you say, but you will stay strong! And the kids will love it!'
Described as books that drive kids CRAZY, authors of This is a Ball and Did You Take the B from my _ook? Beck and Matt Stanton have done it again with The Red Book. To be read in an animated but convincing way, The Red Book will have five-year-olds in stitches as you persuade them that a frog is red and a penguin too.
On the bottom of each page, little comments can be found to help the reader persuade the children by simply saying at their marbles are on the floor, and they have well and truly lost them. Overall, it's a bit silly but highly enjoyable.
Keely Coard

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