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Apr 05 2017

The awesome book of rap, rhyme and putrid poetry by Andy Jones

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Ill. by Jules Faber. HarperCollins Australia, 2017. ISBN 9781733335562
(Age: Mid primary) At 260 pages long, this is a wonderful porridge of putrid humour for readers in mid primary. They will find really sick jokes, disgusting verse and outrageous limericks while reading the five pages long table of contents will encourage every reader to take delight in what lies inside.
The words pus, bum, poo, burp, fart, drool and snot, figure prominently, and will thrill the target audience. The limericks give an outline of how to write a limerick, and sections at the end on similes, metaphors, alliteration and personification teaches younger readers about poetic imagery and how to write it for themselves.
Can you guess the reason why
My little bro is called 'pick my'
Yes, you guessed it, you know its true
He likes to wipe his snot on you
(Pick My, p79)
Jones includes rap and then gives instructions for the reader to write their own. He parodies Shakespeare and teaches the readers how to write it. There are three rhyming short stories and illustrations by Faber adding another level of humour to a book which will capture many readers' imaginations.
I Like to Dance in my Underpants, or Drool Sandwich, A Sticky Boogie Treat, Shakespeare Diarrhea and Vomit, Vomit, are just some of the titles offered in this book, a page turner for an audience wanting to laugh themselves silly at the content and then have a go at writing them for themselves.
Fran Knight

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