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Mar 21 2017

Seven days of you by Cecilia Vinesse

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Hachette, 2017. ISBN 9781510200395
(Age: 13+) Seven days of you is a beautiful story about Sophia's last week in Tokyo before her big move back to the United States. This move was always planned and Sophia and her sister were accustomed to flying back and forth between their mother and their father throughout their childhoods. But this move was different for Sophia, from the first instant that she set foot in Tokyo a couple of years before, she knew that she'd find some sort of a home here. Through the years, Sophia became friends with Mika and David and they were the anchors within her life in Tokyo, lasting up until the week Sophia is set to leave. Mika's old best friend James is set to return from an American Boarding school exactly seven days before Sophia departs. After some complications at the last time they saw each other, Sophia is less than pleased to be seeing him again. Through some significant events within the lives of all the friends, enemies become allies and best friends become distant strangers. How much will change in the last seven days leading up to Sophia's flight from Japan, and who will still be there for Sophia when she needs it the most?
Seven days of you really captures the poetry of everyday life as Cecilia Vinesse writes the story of Sophia's last week in Tokyo so vibrantly and with so much emotion that the reader can imagine the city streets. The characters that Vinesse has created are all individual, each have a unique personality and take on life that allows readers to be able to relate with the novel. Seven days of you is aimed for a young adult audience (13+) as the characters struggle with the concepts of love, friendship, loss and family. Seven days of you is a sweet and memorable story that imparts the importance of relationships and friendships that are made in unexpected circumstances.
Sarah Filkin

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