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Sep 28 2009

Lucky by Rachel Vail

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Harper Collins (Harper Teen. 2009. ISBN 9780060890452.
(Age 13+) An American teen novel sadly popular with pre teens as well. It's very hard to be enthusiastic about such hum drum writing, especially when shrouded with rich girl syndrome, beautiful people controlling the year group and constant references to money! Phoebe and her four friends are excitedly preparing for their middle school graduation with the 'hottest party' ever. Spoilt, over indulged girls who think of little other than who will be invited and what they will wear is painful to read, (but I'm not 14!).
Phoebe's crisis comes when her mother loses her job. Dad is a teacher and the family can't afford the beautiful green dress on the cover (and only from Neiman Marcus!) or the cost of the dance. In her speech as year captain, Phoebe tries to redress her friendship with her friends and this is a highlight of the book.
No doubt teenagers will read it as Rachel Vail has written many in this genre.
Sue Nosworthy

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