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Sep 25 2009

Little bird by Penni Russon.

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Girlfriend fiction). Allen and Unwin, 2009.ISBN 978 1 74175 864 164p
(Age 11-14) Recommended. A twitty adolescent novel, appealing to the teenager who is unsure of herself, but through a series of family incidents gains confidence finds friends and accepts who she is. It's a family novel, centring around Shandra who is organising her perfect wedding and everyone around, including her younger sister Ruby-Lee who tells the story. To complicate matters, Shandra's best friend Collette is also to be a bridesmaid and will make the dresses. She has a baby Maisy born to Spence a teacher at Ruby-Lee's school. Ruby Lee is fascinated with Spence and the situation becomes awkward when Ruby Lee baby sits Maisy. She falls out with her best school friend and life becomes very difficult. But, Ruby-Lee learns about pain, love and respect. She has grown up a lot.
Sue Nosworthy

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