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Feb 28 2017

Captain McGrew wants you for his crew! by Mark Sperring

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Ill. by Ed Eaves. Bloomsbury, 2017. ISBN 9781408871034
(Ages: 3-7) Captain McGrew's in need of a crew to assist him with hoisting the sails, digging for treasure, 'splooshing' down the poop deck and even squeezing lemons for his lemonade. With his bushy red beard, eye patch, parrot on his shoulder and his four teeth, he is an awesome character. Even his ginger tabby cat has a matching patch. What adventures await his four child crew?
Author Mark Sperring's amusing rollicking rhymes are great to read aloud, filled with pirate vernacular and direct questioning speech. Each page demands a response; children will enjoy engaging with the story and predicting the rhyming words.
'Are you good with a spade? Do you complain if you're hot? Can you dig for long hours while others CANNOT?'
Ed Eaves brings Captain McGrew and his young crew to life, with a broad range of emotive facial expressions, as they complete their duties. Colourful settings of the sea, sand and aboard ship are amusing; look for the cat licking the dishes and cleaning the hull in a snorkel and mask.
Captain McGrew wants you for his crew is an entertaining picture book, filled with all the delights of a pirate's life.
Rhyllis Bignell

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