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Feb 10 2017

Why do cats have tails? by David Ling

cover image Ill. by Stephanie Thatcher. Starfish Bay, 2016. ISBN 9781927305034
(Age: 3-5) From the cat paw prints on the end covers, to the celebration of cats across each spread, Siamese, tabby, cute and cuddly cats of all shapes and sizes make this a charming picture book to share with a small pet-lover.
Grandpa is a quick thinker; he is imaginative and creative with his answers. When his granddaughters ask 'why do cats have tails? his blue eyes twinkle as he looks up and replies that tails help cats swing through the trees just like monkeys! Of course, his answer is unacceptable. Observing the cow in the paddock, he says that their tails are to swish away flies. The banter continues, back and forth as Grandpa makes up some funny replies based on the animals he imagines, even a crocodile in the pond! A scary rattlesnake and a beaver building his dam are rejected as well. He finally rests in his armchair with a cat on his lap and turns the question over to his granddaughters; of course, they know the answer!
This is a lovely story to share showing a caring relationship between a grandparent and grandchildren. Stephanie Thatcher's pastel colour drawings bring the story to life with a touch of humour.
Rhyllis Bignell

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