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Sep 23 2009

What does your daddy do? by Gordon Reece and Vilma Cencic

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Lothian Children's Books, 2009. ISBN 9780734411129.
(Age 5-7) Tina goes crying to her room because her teacher asks everyone what their fathers do, and her father doesn't have an important job. Ranjit's father is an actor on TV, Peter's father is a rock star and Julie's is a famous judge, but Tina's sweeps the streets. Mum explains that the most important job in the world for a father is to love his child and Tina's Dad is expert at that. He reads her stories at bedtime, listens to her tall tales and looks after her.
Vilma Cencic's illustrations are a delight. She has chosen animals for the characters in the story and each fits the type of occupation that the fathers have. Tina and her parents are cute koalas, the rock star father is an echnida with spines reminiscent of spiky hair, and the general in the army is a wicked looking crocodile with sharp teeth. Lots of humorous detail will keep young children giggling as they listen to or read the story.
This has a reassuring message for young children. After reading this book, they can go away knowing that no matter what their father's occupation is, love is the most important thing of all. It's better to have a loving, caring parent than a father with the most important job in the world.
Pat Pledger

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