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Jan 31 2017

Once upon a dream by Liz Braswell

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A twisted tale bk 2. Disney, 2016. ISBN 9781484707258
(Age: 12+) A twisted tale series written by Liz Braswell explores the idea that 'a key turning point in Disney movie didn't work out as planned.' These dark stories are suited to a young adult audience as they explore themes of revenge, the forces of evil, greed and the misuse of power.
In Once upon a dream, the story questions what would happen if Sleeping Beauty did not wake up. When Prince Phillip falls asleep as he kisses Aurora, this fairy tale's crowded plot takes a radical turn. The mind of the princess is controlled by a bad fairy's curse and Aurora has to escape from a different thorny castle and travel through a dangerous magical kingdom created from her dreams. Together with the prince, she traverses the land, with Maleficent's spies following them. The three good fairies are now evil, Aurora's parents are unkind, and they greedily rule their kingdom, eliminating the good witches and fairies. Maleficent is portrayed in a very different light as well.
Written in the third person, Liz Braswell has changed a significant amount of the story, switching roles for so many of the familiar characters. At times, the plot is difficult to follow because of all the changes. Her graphic, descriptive writing style includes scenes of death and violence. In the background, the pages are smudged with ink to heighten the dark feel of the story. Once upon a dream is definitely written for fans of this genre.
Rhyllis Bignell

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