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Jan 25 2017

The roadman boogie by Nikki Slade Robinson

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Starfish Bay Children's Books, 2016. ISBN 9781760360146
(Age: 4+) Recommended.Traffic, Workmen, Dancing, Rhyming story. This chirpy rhyming tale tells the story of a bored Roadman, standing with his stop-go sign in the wind and the rain at the side of a busy road. When various cars and trucks pull past him blaring their music, his feet begin to twitch and twiddle, moving with the beats coming from the vehicles. From rockabilly to country ballad, boogie woogie and Latin numbers, his feet do not stop dancing, entertaining all the people in the cars, buses and trucks who need to stop for the roadworks. Everyone is thrilled to watch the man dance, as they obey the signals he is giving with his sign. But as he dances, the rain keeps on falling, necessitating him closing the road altogether. But not to worry, he leads all the people in the cars to a ball, where they can all dance with him, until the road is open again.
The full page illustrations show his amazing moves perfectly, giving a sense of movement on each page. The exuberance is infectious, and readers will love seeing the dancing in such an unusual place, and be thrilled with the range of vehicles represented. Along the way they will learn the importance of road rules and see the necessity for a road works man with a sign.
First published by Duck Creek Press, New Zealand.
Fran Knight

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