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Jan 24 2017

Girl detached by Manuela Salvi

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Barrington Stoke, 2016. ISBN 9781911370024
(Age: 15+) Recommended. Sexual content. Fiction. Romance. Tragedy. Teenage. The book, Girl detached, falls under the umbrella of romance and tragedy. Aleksandra (Alek) is a teenage girl with a bad stutter. Living under the roof of her grandmother after her mother abandoned her at a young age, Alek became a victim of her Grandmother's strict discipline and protection in order to avoid making the mistakes her mother made. The book details her story after her grandmother's sudden death, when Alek is forced to move yet again, back to where her life started. Living with her mother, stepfather and half-brother, she struggles to find ground in her new 'home'.
Although this book employs some very overused themes such as romance and tragedy, it also stands out on its own. The author's brave actions bring light to very real and serious themes that exist for the target audience and is nothing short of commendable.
Although the book is difficult to get into and consists of raw content, it becomes easier to read throughout the duration of the book. The writing style is concise and vivid, allowing the reader to become easily drawn into the reality of each scene. As a result of this, the themes and the unfolding story resonate on a deeper level.
The book is a cautionary tale for members of the 'love is blind' club. The morally questionable and often wrongfully considered actions of the characters, highlights what happens as a result of certain privileges being granted to young adults.
Overall, the raw components and educational value of the book is what won it for me. The consistent character development and the brutal ending also tied this book up perfectly.
Ethan Russell (Student)

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