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Jan 18 2017

Bush bolts by Soraya Nicholas

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Starlight stables series. Puffin Books, 2016. ISBN 9780143308621
(Age: 8-12) Horses, Friendship, Adventure. Twelve years old Poppy is at her Aunt Sophie and Uncle Mark's property, a riding school Starlight Stables, with her friends, Milly and Katie, and soon her best friend, Sarah will be joining them. But Sarah does not share her friends' passion for horses and is more interested in helping the animals with their injuries. When a bushfire threatens the people and the stables, it brings them all closer together to save what they all love.
An easy to read short novel with much about relationships, family life and of course lots about caring for horses and horse riding. Includes 'Handy Horse Tips' as well as information about the author and the other three books in this series.
Bush bolts is the third in this series, beginning with Pony detectives, Gymkhana hijinks and lastly, Saving Starlight. All will appeal to the target audience of mid primary school girls.
Fran Knight

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