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Jan 16 2017

Life hacks by Girlfriend Magazine

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Hachette, 2016. ISBN 9780733635755
(Age: Teens) Highly recommended for all school libraries. Themes: teenagers, puberty, love, friendship, sex, gender identity, depression, bullying, health. 'All of the answers, none of the awks' claims this teen guide. Based on the Australian teen magazine's advice column and drawing on advice from an impressive number of named experts and commentators the information is attractively presented in a simple yet accessible format. The content unfolds logically in a chatty style with clear headings, diagrams, strategies and checklists, working through changes every teen will experience both physical and mental, then body image and friendships. The next chapter on Identity may challenge some school libraries celebrating, as it does, the whole spectrum of sexual identity. 'So if you're bi, trans, gay, sexual, cisgendered, or not quite sure yet, read on. There's something for everyone.' ('If you were born a girl and identify as a girl (or born a guy and identify as a guy), you are cisgendered'). The following chapters on love, sex, mental and medical awareness as well as how to help someone with problems and get help yourself are less controversial and very well presented. Chapter nine outlines where in Australia to get help and the acknowledgements and references might suggest sources for further study.
Overall it is a modern life guide all teens should read presented in a format they are likely to read and share. This guide would be a useful tool for teachers of health courses or for discussion topics in pastoral care sessions. It is supported by the magazine's website.
Sue Speck

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