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Dec 30 2016

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

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Hachette, 2016. ISBN 9780751568233
(Age: Adult) Recommended for fans of thriller and romantic suspense. Using different names, an ex-agent, skilled with chemicals and interrogation, is hiding from killers desperate to put her away. Her boss and friend has already died in a laboratory fire and she has just managed to escape. She is exhausted from hiding and when her former handler asks her to help them with a terrorist who threatens to murder thousands of people, she decides that she must do this in order to stop them chasing her. However she discovers to her horror that nothing is what it seems.
Although there are many novels with an agent on the run from rogue handlers and a meeting of soul mates, Meyer has created an interesting and unique setting in The chemist. Her agent is a very frightening heroine who is exceptionally intelligent and very clever with poisons and traps. As the novel progresses the reader also finds out she is exceptionally gifted at many nasty things to do with chemicals and there are a few rather horrific scenes.
However her romance with Daniel Beach, the man who is accused of being a terrorist, is rather sweet and will appeal to readers who like a love affair. Daniel is almost too good to be true, a talented teacher, helping out when needed and coaching sports. There is some funny and spirited dialogue in the latter sections of the book that lifts the story and adds a dimension to the characters.
I found the story quite engrossing and had trouble putting it down. There are multiple twists and turns, some unexpected developments, and some very appealing dogs! This is a great holiday read and is sure to be popular with its targeted audience.
Pat Pledger

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