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Dec 29 2016

Sting by Sandra Brown

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Hachette, 2016. ISBN 9781444791518
(Age: Adult) Recommended for readers of romantic suspense. Author of many bestselling novels, Sandra Brown brings her signature thrills and sexual tension to Sting. When Jordie Bennet sees Shaw Kinnard across a crowded disreputable bar, sparks fly but little does she know that Shaw has been paid to kill her. But Shaw has decided that he would prefer the $30 million dollars that her brother has stolen and abducts her instead. But he is not the only one after the $30 million, her brother's callous boss and the FBI are on the trail as well and Jordie and Shaw find themselves fighting for their lives, even though they aren't sure of each other's motivations.
The reader is taken along on a thrilling ride in the swamps of the Bayou as Brown ramps up the action all the while having the reader pondering the questions of whether Jordie is an innocent bystander or in league with her crooked brother and whether Shaw is the totally ruthless assassin that he appears to be. The tension between Jordie and Shaw is mesmerising and the action is terrific. There are many twists and turns and a complex plot to keep the reader engrossed to the end.
This is a page turner of a novel, a perfect holiday read and certainly one for readers who enjoy romance mixed with thrills.
Pat Pledger

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