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Nov 17 2016

By the light of the moon by Tom Percival

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Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781408852118
(Age: 3-6) Moving house is a difficult time for adults and young children, their familiar rooms and play spaces are gone.
Ivan's old house had always been so warm and friendly. This new one was NOT.
When Ivan cannot fall asleep in his strange new bedroom, he sits up and stares out of his window. A magical shimmering ball of light falls in the garden and he dashes downstairs to see what it is. Ivan is led on a nighttime escapade past rocks, streams and flowers. Suddenly the light changes into Moji a small friendly magical creature, who paints the world with moonlight. Ivan becomes a brave boy following Moji on a special adventure, up into space flying by the stars and the moon. Moji's magic paintbrush illuminates the sky, moonbeams shine down on Ivan's new house. Dancing through the deepest forests and diving under the sea, Ivan's courage grows as he holds Moji's hand.
When Moji paints the word home across the night sky, Ivan realises that he can make new memories in his new house.
Tom Percival's computer-generated backgrounds use broad brushstrokes in muted tones. A palette of blues, pinks, blacks and greys brings the night setting to life, as motion lines create movement around the stylised characters. By the light of the moon is a gentle magical story, just right for those times when young children need reassurance.
Rhyllis Bignell

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