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Nov 16 2016

Artie and the Grime wave by Richard Roxburgh

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Allen & Unwin, 2016. ISBN 9781760292140
(Age: 8+) Recommended, Adventure, Crime, Families. Having an adventure is not something Artie wants to do, but when Bumshoe is kept captive by a group of thieves in their cave of stolen goods, he knows he must act, after all, Bumshoe has helped him out before.
Artie is part of an unusual family: Mum, Maggie, has not emerged from the house or her dressing gown since her husband died, and Artie and his sister must fend for themselves. Artie loves the next door neighbours, with their unpronounceable name, who invite him in to tea. Bumshoe is his opposite and the two get along extremely well, avoiding the bullies in the town, and being kind to the strange old woman across the road who insists on giving them talcum covered sweets.
But finding the cave changes their equilibrium, and Artie must find a way to rescue Bumshoe after his own hair raising escape.
He enlists the help of the neighbour, curiously called Aunty-boy, and when the Mayor's sidekicks come to call, both Bumshoe and Artie seem ready for the chop, or in this case the oven, as the Mayor has a predilection for pampered pet meat, and wants to try something different.
A very funny story for middle primary people, the light touch taken with the poo and fart jokes is most welcome, as the incidents, names and situations the boys get into carry the story along splendidly. Roxbugh furnishes his own distinctive drawings, adding another level of humour for the mainly male audience to snigger over with glee and satisfaction.
Fran Knight

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