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Nov 11 2016

Outback Lullaby by Sally Odgers

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Ill. by Lisa Stewart. Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781760276485
(Age: 0-4) Recommended. Sally Odgers and Lisa Stewart's Outback Lullaby is a beautiful, gentle rhyming bedtime tale just right for babies and toddlers. This is the third story that follows the successful Rainforest Lullaby and Bushland Lullaby.
As the sunset spreads it glow
Little brolga's dancing slow.
The outback hums with twilight sounds
Numbat dreams of termite mounds.

The sun is setting in the Outback and all the babies are ready to fall asleep, tucked up beside their mothers. The Spotted quolls snuggle up in their den, while the frilled-neck lizards sleep up in the mulga trees and the baby joeys hop back into the safety of their mothers' pouches.
Sally Odgers' soothing words are carefully crafted, perfect for quietening down a little one before bedtime. These rhymes are perfectly matched to Lisa Stewart's engaging animals that are expressively painted and drawn with their soft edges blending into the earthy pastel backgrounds.
Rhyllis Bignell

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