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Nov 07 2016

Pig the Elf by Aaron Blabey

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Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781760154271
(Age 3-7) Highly recommended. No one loves Christmas more than Pig.
How he loved Christmas!
He'd chortle with glee -
'The presents! The presents!
For ME! ME! ME!'

And what he really likes about Christmas is presents. He has written a list and has asked for a lot as anyone reading this deliciously funny book will find out. Aaron Blabey's wonderful rhyming story is a fabulous read aloud that will have its listeners chortling non-stop as Pig, the greedy little dog, dressed in his Santa suit, first makes up his incredibly long list of presents and then bites Santa on the bum when he doesn't receive them all.
The humour is infectious and the illustrations are wonderful. Pig looks incredible in his Santa suit, Santa himself is fat and goggle-eyed, and Trevor quietly waits behind the scenes.
Of course there is a thread of not being greedy and having good manners but it is delivered in such a funny way that children who listen to the story or read it for themselves will be able to get the message without feeling that it is taught to them.
This is definitely one to add to the Christmas collection of books.
Pat Pledger

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