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Nov 02 2016

Literature to support the Science curriculum Foundation - 7 by Fran Knight and Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2016. ISBN 9781876678470
Teacher Reference.This publication is an outstanding tool for the study of science for these year levels.
Fran Knight and Pat Pledger are committed to providing insightful and intelligent reference material for use in the classroom. This title is part of the LinksPlus support program and highlights the excellent role that fiction can play in supporting the study of Science in the classroom. Too often fiction is overlooked as providing an invaluable addition to the understanding of concepts in many subject areas. For some individuals, reading a picture book related to a scientific topic, may be the means of acquiring more insight to that topic. A good example is the value of including Katrina Germein's Big Rain Coming, and John Heffernan's Two Summers in teaching and 'experiencing' the fickle nature of Australia's climate. Fiction and some non-fiction titles are listed for developing Science Inquiry skills, supporting each of the four Foundation Sciences and addressing the topics for each of the primary school years. An excellent index is included too.
Julie Wells

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