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Nov 02 2016

I don't want to go to bed by David Cornish

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Angus & Robertson, 2016. ISBN 9781460750582
(Age: 4+) Highly recommended. Bed time, Family, Problem solving. The age old problem of getting a child to go to bed is given a new lease of life in David Cornish's very funny picture book.
Who could do anything but laugh out loud at Cornish's drawings of the cross looking boy on the front cover, with sleepy eyes telling the reader what he wants. Not to go to bed! Opening the book the reader will instantly recognise all the delaying tactics used by all kids at bed time. Rollo knows that bed time means all those things he does not want to do: having a bath, getting into his pyjamas, cleaning his teeth then finally getting into bed. But once there, more delaying tactics appear as he demands a story then food, and a drink then he needs to go to the toilet. At each demand Cornish paints a wonderful scene full of interest to delight the younger reader which shows what Rollo has in mind. Finally f course, there is a monster beneath his bed which must be dealt with, until finally he falls asleep.
Younger readers and adults alike will sympathise with Rollo and his long suffering parents at this recreation of the nightly routine. It is at once familiar, but Cornish' illustrations give it all a magical twist.
The four fantastic images of the storyteller, the feast, the enthrone toilet, the fountain and finally the monster are wonderful images sure to delight the readers as they search out the many intricacies shown. A rib tickling sequel to the equally funny, I don't want to eat my dinner (2014).
Fran Knight

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