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Nov 02 2016

Places women make - Unearthing the contribution of women to our cities by Jane Jose

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Wakefield Press, 2015. ISBN 9781743053942
(Age: 12 years +) As part of the busy city lives most Australians lead, there seems to be reference made each day by the media to a new urban development, or the Government of the day announces an innovative urban project. Jane Jose considers the role that women may have played in the design of these cities and suggests that they need to be playing a more significant role in the dynamics of the future urban environment. Jose focuses on the familiar and not so familiar faces of the past and present: woman such as Elizabeth Macquarie, who greatly influenced architectural standards in her day; Jane Griffin, the wife of Hobart's Governor, who gave to the city Australia's first botanic garden; and Clover Moore, the dynamic reformer of current inner city Sydney.
Informed and readable chapters highlight the women who created places with a womanly flair, who brought about new ideas through the influence they had with husbands in positions of power, and women who fought for heritage and cultural understanding. These are women with passion and imagination but also common sense and compassion.
This is a very interesting and enlightening book, sure to provide inspiration to others and promote a better understanding of the importance of good city design.
Julie Wells

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