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Oct 21 2016

Colours of Australia by Bronwyn Bancroft

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Little Hare, 2016. ISBN 9781742976914
(Age: 6+) Highly recommended. Award winning Indigenous artist, author and illustrator Bronwyn Bancroft celebrates the vibrant hues of the landscape, the earth, sea and sky in her new picture book Colours of Australia. How richly rewarding to read and discover each new setting, beautifully captured in both word and paint. Her words are crisp, clear, and evocative, so carefully chosen to compliment her unique artistic style.
Indigo - Streaks of cloud across the evening sky
Find rest on a bed of mountains

Against a vivid, bold striped background, these purple and azure mountains filled with a myriad of dots reach up to touch the sky. There is a harmony, a fluidity of line, tone upon tone of colour that holds your gaze. After reading the descriptive phrase, take the time to discover 'the raindrops falling, the black shadows on the water and the full moon poised against the night sky.' Tactile exploration, the need to touch the pages, to follow the lines and explore the ways Bronwyn has interpreted the settings, creates meaning and memories for the younger reader.
Colours of Australia makes a wonderful gift for an overseas visitor, with dot-paintings that truly bring our country to life. This is a must-have resource for schools for Visual Arts, English and HASS lessons, for students to gain respect, explore the visual artworks of Aboriginal Peoples, and develop their own artwork and texts.
Rhyllis Bignell

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