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Aug 24 2009

Grandpa baby by Margaret Wild.

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Ill. by Deborah Niland. Penguin/Viking, 2009. ISBN 9780670071746.
(Age 2-7) Recommended. Grandpa looks after Georgie while Mum and dad are working. They make sand castles, read stories and plant flowers. One morning Georgie decides that she is going to be big and that Grandpa can be the baby. Off to the park they go, with Georgie holding onto Grandpa Baby's hand and giving him instructions on how to play.
This is a classic 'switch' story where the child gets to imagine what it is like to be in an adult's shoes. Georgie makes a great adult, looking after Grandpa Baby when he hurts himself and refusing to allow him to swing too high. She works out strategies to get him home when he is tired and puts him to bed for a rest. She also has a wonderful imagination and decides on a fabulous dress-up game for the following day.
Delightfully illustrated by Deborah Niland, the little chimps come alive in gorgeous colour. Their facial expressions are really expressive of their moods. Observant readers will notice what happens to the dummy, and will be engrossed in the little domestic details that illustrate the story.
I loved this book. It left me with a smile on my face and would make a lovely read aloud with pictures for young children to gloat over.
Pat Pledger

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