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Aug 18 2009

Don't breathe a word by Marianne Musgrove

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Random House, 2009.
(Age 8-12) Recommended. Mackenzie and Tahlia have been bought up by their grandfather - Pirate (because of his sunken chest!) however one day they arrive home from school to find that grandpa had had a fall and couldn't remember entirely how he came to be where they found him. Realising the seriousness of what has occurred but also fearing for a change in their circumstances if they allow people to find out about grandpa they agree to keep grandpa's fall a secret between themselves. This would be fine if Tahlia didn't continually have to go off to dancing class and Mackenzie wasn't left alone to cope with grandpa's strange behaviour. Eventually grandpa puts himself in extreme danger and the girls have no choice but to allow grandpa the help he needs.
This is an excellent novel dealing with dementia and the effect it has on those involved. It sensitively portrays the deterioration of the sufferer and the increasing concerns of those around them.
This is the third novel written by South Australian author Marianne Musgrove, with The Worry Tree and Lucy the Good preceding this title.
Tracy Glover

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