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Apr 22 2016

Darkness by Karen Robards

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Hodder and Stoughton, 2016. ISBN 9781444797909
(Age: Adult) Romantic suspense. Dr. Gina Sullivan, an ornithologist, has received a grant to study birds on the remote island of Attu, Alaska. One day she is out at sea, when a small jet plane crashes and she manages to rescue the sole survivor, Cal. Using all her survival skills, she manages to get them to land and keeps them alive through the freeing night. Warned by Cal to be careful she finally reaches her base camp only to find terrible danger facing her.
Lots of action in this novel makes it a gripping read. The suspense is thrilling - not only do Gina and Cal face monstrous waves and debilitating cold - but the people who are after the secrets that Cal knows are totally ruthless. Gina has to use all her skills to survive the storm and then must trust the gorgeous Cal, as together they fight the elements and the pitiless hunters who have murdered her colleagues and stalking them relentlessly.  The action and suspense are matched with the steamy attraction that Gina and Cal feel for each other.
Robards ensures that the reader gets to know her characters well. The reasons for Gina's survival skills and fear of flying are slowly unveiled as the story continues, and Cal's background is fleshed out well, particularly in the final chapters.
Fans of the romantic suspense genre will find much to enjoy in this gripping adventure.
Pat Pledger

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