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Jul 22 2009

Far from home by K.M. Peyton

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Usborne, 2009. ISBN 9780746090886
(Ages 10+) Minna has followed Theo, her childhood friend, now captain of a Roman cohort in central Britain, on his march to destroy the Celtic barbarian, Kimbelinus and his ragged army of savages. She has her friends, Dracos and Benoc to keep her cheerful, as she is seen as a camp follower by the other women trudging behind the cohort. Her brief conversations with Theo, centre on their horses, and what will happen when they meet the opposing forces. Minna is mortified to think that she will be sent back with the women, out of harm's way, and talks Theo into allowing her to spy with Draco.
She feels proud that she is helping, but when the battle finally begins, she is overcome with grief at the death and dying around her. She finds that her brother is one of the dead, and learns that the taciturn Draco has deserted to the other side, but when her horse, Silva is captured by some of the fleeing Celts, she takes action.
An exciting and informative sequel to Minna's Quest, any reader will easily further their knowledge of Roman Britain reading this adventure. Minna is headstrong, and often blurts things out without thinking, landing herself in trouble. Her love for Theo holds strong, despite the death which surrounds her at the end of the battle, and she forlornly remains with Benoc, when Theo takes his cohort on further skirmishes, keeping the Celts at bay. A third novel, No Turning Back completes the trilogy. A stirring trilogy of historical novels from a fine writer.
Fran Knight

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