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Feb 26 2016

Love you, Mum ill. by Karen Hull

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Lothian Children's Books, 2016. ISBN 9780734414441
(Ages: 1-3) This is a simple and short rhyme, perfect for bedtime. Each page features a different Australian animal mother and baby set in an Australian landscape portrayed with soft colours. The animals themselves are presented in a realistic way. Each page has a different time of the day and shared activity (morning, when we sing together, when it's just you and me, in the evening) and follows a chronological structure from morning until night. Each page states, 'I love you . . . ' followed by something the mum says at that time (eg. 'Wake up sleepyhead', 'Hold on tight'). It ends with a reversal of who is speaking; whereas throughout the rest of the book the mother is speaking to the child, on the last page the baby animal says 'I love you, Mum'.
This is a simple story that captures the special times shared between mother and child.
Nicole Nelson

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