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Feb 10 2016

Alice-Miranda to the Rescue by Jacqueline Harvey

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Alice-Miranda bk 13. Random House, 2016. ISBN 9780857985224
(Age: 8-11) Highly recommended. Themes: Dog Shows, Village Life, School Life, Detective and Mystery Stories. The new term begins at the Winchester-Downsfordvale Academy with a buzz of excitement, Alice-Miranda and her friends eager to assist with Miss Reedy and Mr Plumpton's wedding planning. With so much organisation, can the girls help the bride and save the day, before their favourite English teacher turns into a Bridezilla? Unfortunately, Caprice is up to mischief again, fighting with Millie and playing pranks on the other students, including a spiteful incident with exploding dye in the Science Lab.
Added to the dramas of school life, Myrtle Parker and the villagers of Winchesterfield are thrown into a spin when the Annual Chudleigh Dog Show has to be relocated to the Showgrounds. Unfortunately, this prestigious event is scheduled for the same weekend as the wedding, much juggling and planning is needed and the school students are assigned to the event's workforce.
Jacqui Harvey's narrative is thrilling and multi-layered, enriched by a cast of characters whose intertwined lives draw the reader into the mystery as pieces fall into place with the final climactic events occurring as the Dog Show is underway. Who are the evil characters lurking in the background, seen driving a grimy white van through the village? Where did the dirty half-starved puppy come from and why did Caprice hide him in the old flat above the stables? There's a dangerous fire, stolen dogs, sabotage and the mastermind's sinister plot to foil, so many dramas to be dealt with before Miss Reedy and Mr Plumpton can tie the knot.
Alice-Miranda to the Rescue delivers all the familiar well-loved elements of this tremendously popular series, including fast-paced action and strong, resourceful and empathetic female characters. The difficult issues of puppy farming and stealing pet dogs for profit are discussed in a compassionate manner.
Rhyllis Bignell

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