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Feb 05 2016

Virgil & Owen stick together by Paulette Bogan

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Bloomsbury, 2016. ISBN 9781619633735
(Age: 4+) Recommended. Arctic, Polar Bears, Penguins, Friendship.
Following the successful introduction to this pair of friends, Virgil & Owen (2014) comes this tale of their friendship as it weathers a storm. Each of the friends is different. Virgil rushes to school, eager to get there and not be late, while Owen takes his time, dawdling along, counting snowballs and writing his name in the snow. When Owen stops to tell a story to the other animals crowded at his feet, Virgil finishes the story quickly, eager to get going again. But then Owen remembers his lunch and takes out his sandwich to eat. Virgil takes the food from him, and Owen suddenly growls, making Virgil fall back and he finds he is covered with snow. Owen drags him out and stands him up, apologising for tipping Virgil into the snow, while Virgil apologises for making him go so quickly. The two friends resolve to go slowly to school and remain friends.
This is a neatly resolved story of two friends coming to some agreement after a sudden difference of opinion. It will resonate with younger readers, many of whom will have experienced minor disagreements with friends and acquaintances, and know that a resolution is always possible.
The lovely illustrations enhance the tale and readers will love the images of Virgil and Owen as they go about their daily routine.
And children will learn the things that they will do at school, eating lunch, learning to write their name and learning numbers, as well as having stories told to them. A perfect introduction for young children about the delights of going to school.
Fran Knight

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