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Feb 04 2016

Atmospheric - The burning story of climate change by Carole Wilkinson

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Walker Books, 2015. ISBN 9781925126372
(Ages: 12+) Carole Wilkinson has written a great number of books including the highly acclaimed Dragonkeeper series. She has pursued many of her personal interests through her well regarded non-fiction, including books about Ned Kelly, Alexander the Great, Queen Hatshepsut, and the Fromelles. Carole's interests also include sustainable living and climate change. She has written a book for ordinary people concerned about these issues. Combining people's observations about threats to our planet and detailed facts about the earth's climate, including earth's beginnings, the water cycle, power generation and early studies of climate change, Carole Wilkinson has written an enlightening, thought provoking and readable work for adults and younger readers. A timeline of climatic studies, a glossary of terms, websites and sources are included, along with an index.
This book is scholarly but accessible, and is a valuable contribution to studies on climate change.
Julie Wells

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