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Jan 28 2016

The bad guys episode 2 by Aaron Blabey

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Bad Guys series. Scholastic, 2016. ISBN 9781760154127
(Age: 8+) Highly recommended, Humour, Animals, Black humour, Caged animals. The four animals from Bad guys episode 1, Mr Wolf, Mr Shark, Mr Piranha and Mr Snake led by the wolf, strive to overturn the poor image each of them has. Each is cursed with negative characteristics and Mr Wolf is determined that they been seen as the good guys. To this end he devises a break in of a top security prison, Sunnyside Chicken Farm. Surprised at the level of security surrounding this place, he enlists the help of Mr Spider whose dexterity is unsurpassed with his eight appendages. He is an expert hacker and his skills are a vital component to breaking in to this facility. But once in they discover a room full of laser beams. Here Mr Spider's ability comes to the fore and he is to deactivate the lasers before releasing the chickens, but hilariously leaves one stage out.
With the thrills of an exciting spy thriller, the animals make good their promise to release the chickens, but in so doing engage the wrath of the owner of Sunnyside Chicken Farm, ensuring that they will appear in a third book in the series.
Excrutiatingly funny, readers will laugh out loud at the antics of the animals, giggling at the black humour, chortling at the parodies of spy behaviours, taking in the hilarious illustrations used to augment the text. Mr Shark's attempts at disguise will make them roll in the aisles, especially when the chickens see him as their mother hen.
A funny series for all primary people, this continues the hilarity begun with number one, and hopefully subsequent stories will be published.
Fran Knight

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