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Jan 22 2016

Clementine Rose and the special promise by Jacqueline Harvey

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Clementine Rose series bk 11. Penguin Random House, 2016. ISBN 9780857987860
(Age: 6+ - independent readers) Highly recommended. Themes: Friendship; Relationships; Family. Clementine Rose is shocked by some news involving her friend Sophie Rousseau which sends her into a downward spin. More news involving other friends Will and his father, Drew, sends the roller-coaster of emotions into an upward climb. This topsy-turvy emotional ride continues with the arrival of a new girl who is blatantly obnoxious, and who creates a twisted atmosphere of uncertainty and unhappiness. Clementine feels insecure in her own place in her family with Lady Clarissa. Is everything about to change? The school Grandparent's Day becomes the focal point of the story, and it is has an amazing and surprising conclusion.
In the book we follow a 6-year-old child who has an unusual life living in Penberthy House with its impressive history, but the central feature of the action is that she is profoundly loved by her unique family. It is well written for a capable reader from aged 6+. Harvey creates tension and light-hearted moments, but it is still a dramatic tale for younger readers, with interesting character descriptions and robustly healthy relationships.
Despite not personally having read any of the other 10 books in this series, it is clear that Jacqueline Harvey has written a series that would be esteemed by young female readers. This book stands alone with a good plotline, and each character is introduced in such a way that it is not necessary to have read the books from earlier in the series. But I wish I had!
Highly recommended for young independent readers.
Carolyn Hull

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