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Jan 21 2016

You Choose . . . Flip Me series by George Ivanoff

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Random House, 2015. ISBN 9780857989536
You Choose 1 . . . The Treasure of Deadman's Cove
You Choose 2 . . . Mayhem at Magic School
(Age: 8-10) REcommended. George Ivanoff's You Choose... Flip me books are a popular series, this time the choose your own adventure books are set in a Magic School and at Deadman's Cove. Every choice the reader makes takes them further into the craziness and creepiness, meeting strange characters while making decisions that determine their fate. Each decision is loaded with danger and with excitement. A mad race into the story or a careful consideration of each option, there's a cause and effect of each option.
The Treasure of Deadman's Cove is set in the town of Seabreeze, where you find an old treasure map that supposedly once belonged to pirate One-Eyed William. Depending on your choices, your adventure could be short-lived, or you move on to face dangerous jellyfish, crocodiles or rock avalanches. Ivanoff's narrative is awash with the pirate themed places and objects, especially the shops - Toys Argh Us, The Hungry Parrot Restaurant, Long John's Silverware, Shiver Me Timbers Hardware and Pirate Pete's Treats! Do you find the buried treasure or meet a fateful end, and there are plenty of opportunities to begin again.
In Mayhem at Magic School, strange things start happening in class, rabbits appear from your teacher's hat and a ball thrown at you stops in midair! Your father suggests your new found powers can be cured by therapy, but you have a choice, what are the possibilities and consequences of your new condition? Do you follow great-aunt Agnes' advice and stay enchanted or allow Mr. Crumble the therapist to remove your magical powers?
With short chapters, large font, easy to read sentences and multiple choices these books are ideal for reluctant readers. This popular series won a children's choice YABBA Award in 2015.
Exciting, fun and recommended for readers from 8-10.
Rhyllis Bignell

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