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Jan 10 2016

Who's Afraid? by Maria Lewis

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Hachette Australia, 2016. ISBN 9780349411149
(Age: Adult) Paranormal. Werewolves. Scotland. Romance. Tommi is a young Scottish woman who visits New Zealand in search of her father. Once there she is flung into frightening situations as she discovers her birthright as an exceptionally powerful werewolf. Lorcan MacCarthy turns up as her Protector, inveigling himself as her flatmate in Dundee and guiding her through the stages of her ability to change into a werewolf. The training that he gives her in the martial arts are essential for her to survive in a world where her evil half-brother Stephen wants her and centuries old people are watching what powers she will bring to the centuries old battle that is going on.
I enjoy urban fantasy and Who's afraid has a fresh take on the werewolf scenario. Tommi, with her bright blue hair, her plans to complete a Master's Degree and her ability to set up art shows, is a great main character. The few friends she has, she cares for deeply and her relationship with them is fleshed out really well as the reader begins to learn about her life in Dundee. Meanwhile Lorcan is an enigmatic character, and the growing attraction between the two is a slow smoulder throughout the novel. I enjoyed the fact that Tommi was prepared to examine her feelings and what was good for her in a relationship, while Lorcan was a patient, stoic warrior Guardian.
The action heats up towards the last third of the book, when Tommi comes into her own, and there are lots of surprises and twists to keep the reading fully involved in what's happening. The book ended in a satisfying way, not on the common action cliff-hanger, and left the reader wanting to know what was in the future for both Tommi and Lorcan.
The interesting locations of New Zealand and Scotland set it apart from others in the genre. The next in the series could well be set in Berlin, so that is one to look forward to.
This is sure to appeal to readers of paranormal urban fantasy, although a near rape, party scenes and drugs make it more suitable for an adult or new adult audience.
Pat Pledger

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